YouTube Kids for PC- Download and Install (Latest )

YouTube Kids for PC- can be the best application for your child. It can help him to grow, learn and understand things in the way never before. It can be a great companion for your kid’s study as well as playtime.

Basically we all are in the modern and advance Era. Wherefrom, kids to old age people all are getting much and much familiar to technology and internet stuff. And YouTube is one of the most common as well as useful things available on the internet.

But like everything in the world Youtube has also Two faces like a coin. In which one is extremely useful and good while the other one can be dangerous and bad for your kid. So, it seems to be a good idea to plan out something in YouTube which is healthy and enjoyable for your kid.

YouTube Kids for PC can do this stuff for you. It is one of the best ways to protect your kid from the irrelevant and adult content present on YouTube and make it a healthy learning application for your kid.

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What it Youtube Kids?

YouTube for PC is a great application developed and designed by YouTube. It is designed for kids in such a way that they find it interesting and helpful but with much more safety over any adult or irrelevant content, Video, Advertisement.

The bad part about YouTube Kids is that it is only available for Android and iOS devices leaving PC and Mac devices behind. Which can be really annoying cause most of the kids use laptop and PC to watch videos but worry not here we will find out how you can download YouTube Kids in your PC or Laptop.

Make Kid Safe YouTube

Most of the parents are worried these days due to the massive increase in the rate of adult and sexual content on most of the internet services. Even sometimes the videos are not bad at all but the language can be really disturbing and harmful for your kids.

But YouTube kids can make Kid-safe YouTube environment for your child and make you tension free, of what your kid is watching and playing when you are not there with him.

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How to install Youtube kids in PC?

Now let’s find out the ways by which we can download and install YouTube kids in our PC and Windows. All the methods mentioned here are totally legal and free to use. So, you don’t have to worry about any type of fraud or illegal activities.

Method 1. Using BlueStacks Emulator-

Now the first method will require you to download an emulator. Here we will use one of the most popular and trending emulator known as Bluestacks emulator. To download kids YouTube in PC just Follow the steps below-

Step 1. First of all Download, the BlueStacks Emulator form here.

Step 2. Now launch the application and complete the basic setup.

Step 3. Now, open any browser and download YouTube kids apk in your PC.

Step 4. Then open the Emulator and go to add file option for the top menu.

Step 5. Add the YouTube Kids Application and start the installation process.

Step 6. Wait till the installation is finished and come back to the homepage of Emulator.

Step 7. You will find the YouTube dis application installed into your PC device.

Method 2. Using NoxPlayer-

This method for Downloading Kid’s safe YouTube Apk in your PC. We will use another Emulator termed as Nox Player. NoxPlayer is another widely sued and trusted Emulator available all over the world. Follow the steps below to download the YouTube Kids app in Windows.

Step 1. First, you need to download the NoxPlayer Emulator.

Step 2. Now launch the emulator and complete the basic setup.

step 3. Then open the emulator and search for Google Play Store.

Step 4. Now search for youtube kids application in play store and download it.

Step 5. After the download is finished launch the YouTube kids application and you are good to go.

Features of kids Youtube

So now let’s find out what are some of the best features that come with kids YouTube for PC.

Videos Suggestions- Kids YouTube PC’s Algorithm only suggests the relevant and useful videos for your kids. It also sorts out the other content videos and stops suggesting them. This makes your kids to focus on a particular set of videos.

Multiple profiles- YouTube kids come with a feature known as Multiple Profiles. Basically, this feature will let you make different profiles for all of your kids separately. So, you can make separate profiles according to your kid’s age, gender, class, etc.

Time Limit- If you want your kids to watch YouTube for only a specific amount of time. Then you can use this feature and set up and timing and then if your kids reach the daily limit for watching Kids Youtube on PC. It will automatically restrict the videos and content.

History- You can track which videos your kid is watching and then you can make account details accordingly.

The Verdict

We all want to give our children a good education and knowledge. Children Youtube for PC will help you to do so. It will not only help your kid to grow but will also provide him healthy and quite space for learning things.

This was all about YouTube Kids for PC if you loved our content please do share it with your friends and family. If you want to ask or give any suggestions about this article comment down below. We will be very happy to assist you.

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