Top 5 PlayStation VR games to play in 2021

People from all over the world love to play video games. And take most of their time playing games on the PlayStation by Sony. It is a gaming console that allows you to play your favourite games anytime.

After the successful launch of virtual reality and getting popularity in the market of the gaming sector. Sony planned to launch a PlayStation VR headset to take gaming to another level with its powerful and immersive experience.

PlayStation virtual reality headset has gained massive popularity with outstanding reviews from both critics and users. It has a VR head-mounted screen featuring a stereoscopic 3d display in front of your eyes through optic lenses.

Every gamer has a dream of playing high-end games virtually, for that we have some of the best 5 PlayStation Virtual reality games that will take you to another level of gaming experience while playing it on your PSVR headset.

You will feel like you have entered into a new virtual world where you can play games being yourself as a first-person.

Some of 5 best games for PlayStation VR

Here is the list of the five best PlayStation VR games for those who love adventures inside the world of virtual reality. Some of the games in this list are specially made for virtual reality headsets.

1. ASTRO BOT: the Rescue mission

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission
ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

Like Mario and other games, it has a charismatic adventure featuring a miniature robot named Astro. The game is based on rescuing other bots who have been kidnapped moved to other parts of the world. The whole is full of adventure where you will find yourself as an Astro bot and you will find many difficulties in rescuing the other robots.

2. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7

One of the most thrilling games ever developed by Capcom and this time you are going to enjoy the high-end game in your PlayStation VR. The game is based on a virus that spreads the infection to make people zombies and being a first perspective you have to take them out in the horrifying scene.


3. Zone of Enders: the second runner- mars


It is an action-packed game on planet Mars, where there is warfare between robots and you have to take powerful machines down while navigating skies.


4. Borderlands 2 VR

Borderlands 2 VR
Borderlands 2 VR

The game was based on shooting action on different maps with all new VR controls for high octane trip back to Pandora. You have the option to choose from different players like commando, assassins, siren and Gunzerker to take down the enemies.


5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR


One of the most priced PlayStation games on this list, but if you are a fan of an open-world RPG game, then surely you are going for Skyrim VR. With PSVR the game goes to another level of experience with great dimensions.

The map has free land where you are open to doing anything you want. There you find obstacles and also some items to pick up while travelling.



Finally, I would say you should go for Astro bots rescuing mission if you are a fan of adventures games and love to be in virtual playing scenes.

Apart from that, you can choose anyone which you find best for you. I hope you find the help and for any questions, you can ask in the comments.

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