The List of Best Music Visualizers for Free in (2019)

best music visualizers

Music plays an essential part of life. We all love to listen to music in every situation it may be a good day or a bad day our favorite music puts a smile on our face. We all love to listen to music but some of us want to do more than only listening to music. so here comes music Visualization.

Music Visualization is done through music Visualization software. Which allow us to visualize the beats of our favorite songs in real-time. Music visualization images or gifs can also be used as a screen saver and they look really cool.

There are many Music Visualizers available in the market. But we have sorted out some of the best rated and user-friendly music visualizer apps for free.

So these are some of the best music Visualizers available in the market.

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What is Music Visualization?

music visualization is basically a feature of music Visualizers. By the help of which it creates a  pattern or image according to the type of played music. Actually, music Visualizers forms an animated pattern of the given music patter in real time.

Modern music Visualization software uses loudness, amplitude, and frequency spectrum to create a rendered, real-time image of the played music.

music Visualization varies from simple to master. The difference between the simple and master is only of the spectral lines. In the simple type of music visualizers sometimes the visualizer is not able to catch small beats. while, in comparison to effective music, visualizer is able to catch each and every beat of the song which gives more rendered image of the played music.

1. Renderforest Music visualizer

Renderforest Music Visualizer


Price- Free, Subscription starts from$ 9.99 

Availability – available online only

Renderforest music visualizer is not a piece of new music visualizing software. It is one of the most widely used music audio visualizing software because it’s easy to use interface. Renderforest music visualizer comes with colorful equalizer animations and particle effects the effects change as you change the music.

It is an online music Visualizer and to use the Renderforest music visualizer you have to visit the Renderforest music visualizer site. If you are a new user you have to create your account then you can choose your desired template and text etc after that you can start visualizing music. You can change the color and background etc after that you can simply have a preview then you can ask for the copy you will receive the copy on the registered mail.

You can simply use the visualizer for free. But there are some restrictions like video must not be longer than 1 minute and all the videos created will have the watermark. But as soon as you can resist these things you don’t have to pay any amount for any subscription.

2. Rainmeter Music Visualizer

rainmeter music visualizer

Price: Free to use.

Availability:  Available on the website.

Rainmeter music visualizer is one of the most customizable music visualizer for Windows 10/9/8. It visualizer comes with thousands of themes and templates to create. You can create whatever you imagine there is no limitation of what you can create. all the animations created are different from each other.

Rainmeter visualizer can be downloaded directly from the website with a direct link. after downloading you simply install the app setup things and you are ready to go. the app is easy to use with many creative and useful features. the videos created can be saved directly on the path you choose you can also have a preview of the video.

3. Magic Music Visualizer

Magic-music visualizer

Price: Free trial, Paid

Availability: Mac,

Magic music visualizer for Mac allows the user to create beautiful, different, and creative videos on the click of a finger. The app loads tuns of features because of which it gets a little bit complicated. although the user interface is good enough.

Magic music is available in two modes: studio mode and performer mode. For visualizing mostly use studio mode. studio modes come with power packed features like allowing the user to display images, videos or geometric shapes that rotate and pulse. All the patters dance and beat up according to the music. One of the most loved feature is that you can easily merge up songs and play their visuals together. There is no limit of the songs you can merge as many songs as you want.

4. Anytime Music Visualizer

anytime visualizer

Price: Free

Availability: Android application

Anytime visualizer is also one of the best music visualizers in the market. it is very simple to use still creates effective videos. Anytime visualizer can be also used as a music player or as a music visualizer. The app does not need any subscription and is free to use.

The app is rated about 4.4 stars and excellent reviews on the Google play store. Although the problem I found was that the app crashes in Android versions below 6.0.1 besides this everything works perfectly fine with the application.

One of the most loved features of this app is that you can play music visuals even in the background. That is you can do your work while using this app. which makes it one of the most useful and unique music visualizing app.

5. Absorbed Music Visualizer

absorbed music visualizer

Price: Free

Availability: ios

Absorbed is one of the simplest music visualizers which comes with fewer features and functions which makes it very easy to use. you can also check out the official website for more information regarding the app.

All the songs in your mobile will be auto-synced and you can directly play them from the app. The app also provides a microphone button by which you can visualize the songs played on other devices.


So these were the Top 5 Music Visualizers which you can use and have fun all the apps pack with their own unique and different features all of them worked pretty good and you must give them a try at least once

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