Step By Step Guide To Create Videos For Your YouTube Channel

Guide To Create Videos For Your YouTube Channel

Have you just started your YouTube channel and are looking for tips on how to create quality videos? Well, you’re in the right place! Being the second greatest search engine globally, YouTube is one of the most significant parts of the video content market.

Famous content creators can earn hundreds of rupees, if not thousands, from each upload. You can do the same by following this step-by-step guide for creating quality videos and having a little patience.



Step 1 – Do extensive research and plan accordingly.

We all have our niche and areas we find interesting. If you are creating videos in the niche of your choice, make sure you research extensively about the genre and what people will want to see in that genre.

Every niche targets a particular set of audiences. While researching, learn about what your audience wants to see, their likes and dislikes. Then, make sure that the videos you are putting out there will provide value — if they don’t provide value, they will not be of any use, and your audience will lose interest.

Keep in mind that having information is necessary, but are you able to convey that knowledge via your video is the main question.


  • What questions does your audience have?
  • Can your video help in solving the basic problems of your audience?
  • Is the language used in the video understandable by everyone?
  • How will people benefit from your video?


If you can answer these basic questions, then you are on the right path. If not, you must dig deeper. Answering these inquiries is going to help you plan and create your videos. Plan your video according to your findings. Plan what you want to add and what you don’t. Make a list of all the points which you will be talking about in your video.


Step 2 – Prepare all the needed equipment.

Once you have your plan set, it’s time to execute it. You will need a number of tools that can be used to bring your idea to life. Depending on the kind of video you will be creating, you will require different kinds of equipment. There can be two types of tools used in making a video – limited and abandoned.

  • Limited – When you have a limited budget, you can either choose to buy minimum tools (such as a camera, tripod) at a minimum price from any online website. Or, you can also use pieces of stuff around the house as a tool. For example, use your phone camera for recording and rest your phone on any surface, which then works as a tripod or stand.
  • Abundant – When you have an abundant budget for creating videos, you can choose to splurge. There are a number of camera options to choose from. You can also buy additional tools (such as a ring light, mic), which will make the quality of your video even better.


Even though different genre videos are going to need some extra tools, every quality YouTube is going to need the following basic items.

  • Camera – It could be anything from your mobile phone to a fancy DSLR.
  • Lighting – Lighting will give a boost to your video, and it can be natural or artificial.
  • Microphone – Using a microphone will help pick up your voice better and cancel out the external noises.
  • Storage – You will need to store your recorded videos for later so that you can edit them when uploading.


Step 3 – Prepare the setup.

When someone clicks on your video, the first thing that they see is the setup. Therefore, preparing the area where you are going to film your video is extremely necessary. Make sure that you set your stage in a place where there is ample lighting (either natural or artificial), and there is not an echo when filming.

Try to keep a minimalistic background. The fewer distractions in your background, the more appealing they look. The lighting and the background paired together will act as a huge plus for your video. Keeping a clean and aesthetic background will help keep either the speaker or the item you’re displaying in focus.

For instance, one is filming an art video. Make sure that the artwork is in the middle. Ensure that you use a clean surface and the lighting is perfect so that the viewers are able to see the artwork. You can also add some minor, aesthetic pieces which will make the background look cute and minimalistic. In this manner, your video will appeal to your audience. Clear the clutter to make it better!


Step 4 – Prepare yourself and start filming.

Being on camera can be intimidating. Keep in mind that bloopers are okay, and you’re still a human, and you are going to make mistakes. All the videos which we see on YouTube or social media are perfect because YouTube Video Editor has made it possible.

The best advice that experts have given is to think of the camera as a person and start having a conversation. In this manner, we get to be more comfortable and appeal to our audiences. Look at the camera directly (just like looking at another person) and talk to them, with a smile, energetically and stay focused. Once you have mastered this, the quality of your video will be much better instantly.

Once you start ‘record’, just keep going. Be confident and simply have fun. If you can reverberate your vibe via the camera to your audience, they will instantly be more energized and enjoy your video.


Step 5 – Edit your videos.

Editing your videos on YouTube Video Editor is going to take your video from okay to ‘wow’. You are going to fix the mistakes that were made during filming and make it ready to go online. This is where all the magic happens. When editing, you must do the following things:

  • Fix the lighting in places where it is needed.
  • Add an intro and outro.
  • Merge all the clips that you have taken.
  • Use a voice-over (whenever needed).
  • Get rid of unnecessary clips.
  • Add background music.
  • Add texts in places where needed.

Editing could be confusing if you have never done it before. But, learning proper editing will help you boost the quality of your videos.

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