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Idle Heroes Best Heroes: Today here at Technotrones, we have brought for you the tier list of some best heroes from Idle Heroes. And also will introduce you with some of the top PvE and PvP heroes.

The best heroes in Idle heroes can be found technically in all the stages of this game. But for you, we have divided them and made a tier list of some popular and best heroes.

In this article, we have tried to cover almost every best possible heroes updated list in 2019.  Also, we have put infographics to understand and compare them better.

So, Without taking any more time lets start with the guide to find the list of best heroes for you.

About Idle Heroes

Idle heroes is one of the best role-playing game. It is mainly based on a magical forest, where you have to train your heroes to fight in a battle. Your battle heroes will help you to fight with the dark forces.

This whole game is packed up with action and adventure. And because it is a role-playing story game. So you will have to teach your heroes to the fight. Also, making them brave enough is a part of the game which then will help you to fight with powerful enemies, those who owe to the dark forces in the magical world 🙂   Read more…

The best heroes for beginners

It can be a daunting task to pick from the best heroes for all new beginners in Idle Heroes game. Especially when there are so many of them and also 5 star players are hard to come by.

But, After all this game provides you guidance from the beginning. You get a bunch of heroes with a 5-star rating in starting of the game for free. At least the beginners can use them as a free resource and bonus.

So let us know, how to get those 5-star heroes in the beginning and also know why are they so good and rated.

List of beginner heroes:-


Idle heroes best heroes list

She is just another level great warrior to be used, If you’ve just started playing the game and still figuring out how actually the game works. You will get Starlight as a welcome gift by progressing in campaign level 5- 10.

You can think to invest in her because she is a capable maze and can make up to many advances stages completed easily with her skills like “Starfall” that falls direct star attack on the enemies and damage them with high percentage. Other two skils like “Impairing strike”, “Forest song” and “spiritual Attunement” are some of the skills that give additional and critical hit power to the starlight from the sky.


Idle heroes best heroes list

You can get Norma free simply just by linking your email id to the game account. That allows you to play it anywhere and in any device just with your id.

Norma is overall an excellent priest, who has many good abilities and skills like”Call of Elements” that deals with the damage against the enemy with lowest HP and her powers can be used to restore the ally with lowest HP to almost full health power.

And the other two are passive skills with just another level, which “life bloom” can restore the ally up to 50% of Hp and with “self-care” skill, it can cure himself after an attack from the enemy side that in addition helps you to get up to 10 to 15 level cross easily without using all of your heroes and save them for upcoming fights.

Heart Watcher:

Idle heroes best heroes list

One of the best support hero you can use in the campaign and also in other PvE settings. She is got a suppot level because of her watcher mark. She has a bunch of skills like “Mind Torture”, “Tough Heart”, “Life Regain”, “Weakness Strike”.  You’ll find out out more interesting when you play.


Idle heroes best heroes list

Vesa is our last hero in the beginners’ list. She is also an amazing healer who can make your heroes HP high again. And on the other hands, she got 4 special skills that make makes her HP manipulator. Her skills like “Sky Collapse”, “Queen’s Amnesty III”, “Symphony of Stars III”, and “Elegy of Confusion III” that is used when she get down by 50%  then it dispels all control effects on self, recover self 100% HP.

Tier and Stars System

When the game begins, all the heroes you get will start as “Tier 1”. But the stars of heroes will be different, they all are variable. You can upgrade them with your earned points. Before that, keep one thing in your mind that generally 3 stars or less, heroes will become useless after level 30. So, we recommend you to not waste your points on these things, rather you can upgrade 4 stars or higher level heroes. In the game, there is a total of 10 stars, More the star, stronger the hero is.

On the other hand Tier system unlocks the ability and skills of heroes, which makes them fight combat easier. You can only upgrade them to the next Tier after completing level 30.

You can easily turn 4-star heroes into 5 stars, but do remember one thing that upgraded 5-star heroes are weaker than the natural 5-star holder.

So, your aim should be collecting all-natural 5-star heroes and then upgrade their Tiers to a possible level.

Idle Heroes are divided down into specific roles

  • Reactive Heroes – These heroes are with “on-hit” effects or reactive skills.
  • Burst Heroes – These heroes have special powers to deal with tremendous damage very quickly.
  • Support Heroes – They mainly provide valuable Buffs/Debuffs or Healing to the players.
  • Utility Heroes – Those that have, or are immune to, CC (Crowd control).

Heroes Categories:-

In general, we agree that heroes can be divided into four specific roles according to their ability: Reactive heroes, Burst heroes, Support heroes and Utility heroes. All these are positioned according to how the game goes on.

Here we have listed the best heroes in these heroes category.

The best Reactive Heroes:

  • Skerei
  • Sigmund
  • Iceblink
  • Xia
  • Corpsedemon
  • Gerke
  • Sleepless

The best Burst Heroes:

  • Skerei
  • Aspen
  • Faith Blade
  • Jahra

The best Support Heroes:

  • Heart Watcher
  • Belrain
  • Emily
  • Vesa

The best Utility Heroes:

  • Valkyrie
  • Mihm
  • Demon Hunter


Note:- Keep in mind that this is only a common idea. A tier list is nevermore something that everyone agrees on.

Idle Heroes Tier list:-

All the heroes mentioned below has their unique ability and skills like reactive skills. Some of them are best among all reactive IDLE Heroes like Sigmund, Skerei and PVE.

Tier 1:

The highest of all Idle heroes level. This tier level is also equally called God. The heroes lie in this tier are listed below.

  • King Barton
  • Xia

Tier 2:

A very good and nice tier also called as high. You will a maximum of heroes here. Here is the Tier 2 heroes are listed below.

  • Skerei
  • Horus
  • Cthunga

Tier 3:

Its a mid-range among all the tiers as everyone says. Not too good or not too bad. Below is the list of tier 3 heroes.

  • Asmodel
  • Sigmund
  • Corpsedemon
  • Dark Arthindol

Tier 4:

It is said to be low tier, you can hardly find any best heroes from here. Tier4 heroes are listed below.

  • Ice Blink
  • Queen
  • Sleepless

Tier 5:

This tier is said to be the worst of the worst that contains the worst set of heroes you can ever imagine.

  • Gerke
  • Dantalian
  • Groo

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In this article, we have almost covered all the topic related to the best heroes for Idle Heroes game. And also give you the basic description of all the heroes one by one.

All those heroes we have listed in this article are some of the best on people recommendations. And also if you get any difficulty regarding this post then don’t forget to ask in comments for the help of any kind. We’ll be glad to help you with any problem.

At last, I would like to thank you guys for visiting our site for your query. We hope you liked our article reading and found it helpful.

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