InstLife for iOS/PC and Mac- Download

InstLife for PC is a great life simulator game where you can experience your own type of lifestyle in some simple steps. life is everywhere from small creatures to huge living things. Life is always moving from day one of our school to the last day of our office. We all live different lives from each other but what if we can make the experience of each other life.

Yes, it is possible from a single app created by InstCoffee where they have tried to give you a whole new experience. InstLife Apk is an instant life game that allows the user to live a long life in just 5 minutes. The game starts from birth and then it slowly proceeds through years till death and then you can born again and live life in a whole new way.

InstLife For PC/iOS

InstLife for iOS starts from the moment where you born till the moment you die proceeding day by day years by years in which you take some important decisions which will have a great impact on your coming life. All the stages throughout life will have their own importance and impact.

Instlife Downlaod iOS- There is no doubt instlife iOS is the best life simulation game in the market. There are many things to explore from being an employee to becoming the CEO of a company in InstLife. You keep growing and understanding new things each time, day and level. After each year interval questions will appear on your screen keep thinking and giving answers and create and live the life you want.

The best part of the InstLife  is that it also relates the things with the real world things like working in an office or going to school or passing your intermediate all of these can be done in Instlife game.

Download Instlife iPhone

InstLife is a free game and can be played on all platforms like Android, IOS, and Windows and in this article, we will talk about how we can download InstLife apk iOS in our devices. The process is very simple and you can easily download InstLife in iPhone or Android  device.

InstLife apk can be downloaded in two ways in your iPhone/Smartphone. The first process is by using the app store or Google play store and second is by using third party websites.

Download InstLife in iPhones/iOS- to download InstLife on your iPhone you can easily search and find it on app store and download it or you can search for InstLife for iPhone in your browser and download it through any third party website.

Download InstLife in Android device- you can very easily download InstLife app on your android smartphone through Google play store or you can go and search for InstLife for android in your browser and download it from any third party websites.

Steps to download InstLife for Windows/PC

InstLife is a free application on all platforms but the problem is InstLife for windows or mac is not officially released and cannot be download directly through any websites but here at technotrones we are going to tell you how you can download InstLife for your Laptop/Pc/Mac.

This is a step to step guide on how you can download InstLife for your pc.

Step 1. First of all download BlueStacks emulator or Memu emulator on your pc.

Step 2. Double click and open the emulator on the homepage you will find Google play store search for InstLife APK.

Step 3. Now, it will ask you to login into your account. So, give the details and login.

Step 4. Click on download option the download will begin and wait till the download finishes.

Step 5. Now go back to the homepage of emulator there you will find the APK of InstLife.

Steps to Download Instlife on Mac

This is a step to step guide to download Instlife on Mac. although the process is very similar to downloading InstLife on windows but has some changes.

Step 1. First of all search and download BlueStacks emulator in your Mac.

Step 2. Double click and wait for the emulator to open. Then search for Instlife Mac Apk. Now here you have to select the App store to complete the download.

Step 3. Now, it will ask you to log in so provide the correct details and login into your account.

Step 4. Click on the download button and then your downloading will start automatically till it gets finished.

Step 5. Comeback on the home of BlueStacks here you will find the app installed in your Mac.

Games Like InstLife

Let us talk about some other games like Instlife. to InstLife for Pc.

  • BitLife Life Simulator
  • The Sims FreePlay
  • Stonies
  • Paradise Island
  • Choices: Stories You Play

BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife is another Life simulator game like InstLife. Where you make choices your whole life and become a person you want to be. remember and think before you make any choice cause you cannot reverse your life.

The game starts for the early stages of your life when you were a kid then moves from teen to young where you fall in love and marry then have kids. Then you become old where you have to accept all the choices you made for years.

BitLife Life Simulator allows you to create your own personality guy or the guy you wanted to be your whole life. You either become a hero or the villain of your story all these things will depend upon the choices you make.

Details of BiteLife Life Simulator

Developer BitLife app
Size 72MB
4.5 Stars

The Sims FreePlay

Games like InstLife
Games like InstLife

The Sims FreePlay is created by one of the best game developers Electronic Arts and is no doubt one of the best alternative to InstLife even in some cases it’s better than InstLife for PC.

The games allow you to do hundreds of things in-game and spend your whole day accordingly. You can go for a walk or visit your neighbor or spend your weekend on your couch with a drink. All over the graphics and user interface of the game is decent and will not give you any reason to complain.

Details of The Sims FreePlay

Developer Electronic Arts
Size 33MB
Rating 4.2 star
Downloads 100,000,000+


Stonies app as the name suggests you take you back in the past in the stone age era where you become the leader of the Era. Where you craft weapons from stones catch fishes and animals go for hunting etc.

As you proceed in the game you will learn and teach many things from how to burn the fire and cook food to creating weapons of stones and wood and go for hunting for the survival of you and your village.

Stonies game creates a great environment for the stone age era. where you can really learn and find how many difficulties where faced by the people of this Era.

Details of The Stonies App

Size 92MB
Rating 4.4
Downloads 1,000,000+

Paradise Island

Games like InstLife

Paradise Island is another simulator game like Instlife Where you built, improve, prepare, Expand, Etc. It is a dream game for lovers of simulation games. The game takes all the aspects of life and mixes it with simulation.

I just loved the game because it allows you to play online or offline at any time. The graphics and contrast are pretty good which makes everything look neat and clear.

As the game is offline too so, even when you close your village the village works fine just like you want it to be. There is no limit of what and where you can create its all up to you. Upgrading your Island will give you experience which will allow you to customize the game further.

Details of the Paradise Island App.

Developer  Gameinsight
Size 23 MB
Rating 4.6 Stars
Downloads 10,000,000+

Choices: Stories You Play

Choices is a game developed by the pixelberrystudios. It is one of the best life choices game online avialable. The game allows you to make choices you like from romance to drama, horror to action each and every choice is yours.

The game allows you to customize your Character, solve cases, fall in love, fight or retreat all you do will change your life completely. Each and every choice you made will come will their own consequences and you have to face them.

Choices: Stories You Play is a free game and available on Google Play Store for free but there are some in-app purchases which you can buy if you really want to. But without them, you can still, do many things.

All these things make this game a direct competetion to Instlife iOS.

Details of Choices: Stories You Play

Developer pixelberrystudios
Size  86 MB
Rating 4.6 Stars
Downloads 10,000,000+

Final words

So this was the complete guide on how you can download InstLife iOS,Instlife PC,Instlife Mac and some other games like InstLife. Keep checking our posts daily for more apps on your PC, Mac or Android devices. If you have any queries related to the article please comment below.

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