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Download Idle Heroes Private Server (Working)

Idle heroes Private Server (Working)

Idle Heroes Private server is one of the most popular and intensively fun to play game. The balance between role-playing and action is really well balanced. The unique design and mechanics of the game is really appreciated among gamers all over the world.

But as we know just like most of the games idle heroes also sometimes feel like a pay to win game. That can be really annoying for people who just play games to have fun and don’t want to spend any penny on the games.

So, here we are back with another great way by which you can play Idle heroes without any restriction with Unlimited Money, Gems, and heroes. The last time we discussed Idle heroes mod apk hacked application. Now here we will learn about Private server of Idle heroes by which you can explore the game with no restrictions.


 What is Idle Heroes Private Server?

Now let us try to understand everything about the private server with some of its great features and some great tips to get you started.

Basically, Idle heroes private server works like a moded application of the original game. When you will open the game it will feel just like the original application. But here you aren’t bounded by only some specific heroes. In the private server, you can choose your favorite heroes from tons of available heroes for free.

You can visit here to see the list of best Idle heroes Private server Characters.

Now before you download and play idle heroes Private server. Please, remember that you can only play on one server from one account. So you can create two accounts and then you can simply play on normal servers and then you can play on private server when you need something crazy.

Idle Heroes Private Server Features-

Now let’s move out to the best feature you will get after you download the Idle heroes Private server apk from the above link.

So let’s get into it-

  • Available Heroes- When you are using the private server then you choose many different heroes(Already Unlocked) for free and then head to the battle.
  • Resources- While you are using the private server of Idle heroes you have unlimited resources like Unlimited gems, coins, heroes and other in-game stuff that actually requires money in the official servers.
  • VIP Level- The best part of Private server is that everyone is VIP and that too of the same level so here wining and losing only depends upon your playing rather than the resource advantages.
  • Better rewards- Like some other benefits from the official server here in Private server. You will get better in-game rewards for playing in casinos or for completing some tasks. Which will help you to explore more resources and characters to enjoy the game like never before.

Download Idle Heroes Private Server

Now coming to our main topic that is downloading Idle heroes Private server apk on our device. There are many ways to download and play Idle heroes Private server apk but here we will talk about the best way to do so.

To download the private server apk simply click on the link available below and your download will begin at its own. After downloading you can simply install the application and start playing.

Idle heroes tier list



The difference in Private Server-

As we know the private server of the game works independently of the official servers. So there are some big differences that make Private servers stand aside from the official servers.

Some basic differences in Private servers-

  • Say no to play and win– As we know that in most games that have in-game purchases. Players usually who buy stuff from money get the best and exclusive heroes or equipment that gives them an advantage over other players. But here in private server you all the players have the same opportunities.
  • Season and rewards- The seasons in private servers will work in a different manner. Here your season will start at the beginning of the month and will end on 28 of every month. You will get your season rewards after the season ends.
  • Updates and changes- The updates in the private servers are based upon the current meta of the game at that time. When any update is available you will get notified like the official servers.

Idle Heroes game Tips-

Question-  Is there any other way of playing Idle Heroes will everything unlocked?

Answer- Yes, of course, you can play Idle heroes modded apk to get everything unlocked with unlimited gems and coin.

Question- What are some of the best heroes in Idle heroes?

Answer- While you are playing with the private server or with modded apk you will get a lot of heroes inside the game so you can read this list for some best heroes available in the inventory.

Final Verdict

So this was all about the private server of Ide Heroes. If you like the article please do share it with your friends and teammates. So they can also play the game along with you.

If you want to learn about some more interesting games keep visiting us. We keep posting about interesting and funny games.


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