Best Sites Like Omegle For Android/ios And PC(Omegle alternatives)

We all love to talk and share our feelings. Don’t we? it makes us feel good. Past days, it wasn’t easy for us even to talk to people we already know. But nowadays, by the means of technology, we can talk anyone, like seriously anyone in this whole world randomly with just one application Omegle.

This is what Omegle do actually it connects you with any stranger available on Omegle and you can start talking him or her about whatever you want him to talk about like your interests, hobbies and other things you love.

The Omegle App is really easy to use application. You just have to go to Google play store or Apple app store search for Omegle and download it. Then open it and start the chat with any stranger. Yeah, like totally simple and easy.

After some time you might get bored and start searching for more applications like Omegle or sites like Omegle. So here we are at Technotrones we will tell you some more interesting and widely used applications like Omegle.

Best Sites Like Omegle (Omegle alternatives)






So, as we have provided you with the list of the best alternatives to Omegle application. Let’s talk about them separately with pros and cons and a small review.

Holla alternatives to Omegle

One of the best used and popular application just like Omegle. But there is a big advantage that here you can select the language button by means of which you can connect to the strangers who speak the same language.

The app comes with tons of features like an audio sticker. seriously? Just think of it sending some sticker with the creepy voice to anyone. Sounds cool right. You can choose from a variety of stickers and send them anyone you are chatting with.

Holla app is really easy to use the application you just have to download it. Then open it and then you will be automatically matched with random users. The interface is very good with the screen having the users face and at the bottom other options are provided.

The app is available for both android and ios and you can download it from Google play store or Apple app store the app really provides you what it is really made for. The app also comes with some in-app purchases but even without them, you can do really well.


alternatives to Omegle

Azar is really one of the best alternatives to Omegle. Which provides user free interface with lots of useful features. Azar lets you connect to random people on every swipe of your finger. One of the most loved features is facial recognition stickers and custom effects which adds a final touch to your video call.

This app lets the user connect with almost millions of people with 109 countries. Sounds great if you really like talking to strangers. The thing I really liked about the application was its good quality video calling function by which you can talk to strangers face to face.

The app is rated for 17+ and has some in-app purchases the app is available for both android and ios and you can get it from Google play store or Apple app store.

LiveMealternatives to Omegle

LiveMe is very similar to Omegle app but here you get some more features like video streaming and broadcasting. As the company claims there are almost peoples from 89 countries with whom you can video chat anytime. The app also allows a feature by which you can earn about 20k$ in some weeks.

Getting started is very easy you can log in with your Instagram, facebook account or simply by your phone number. There are many features you can use while watching the live stream like you can send gifts and emoticons in comments etc to the streamer. Those gifts are refundable into real money. Users have to buy a gift from real money then you can send them to your favorite influencer.

One thing I really want to tell you is about the inappropriate content. Sometimes you may find some inappropriate content I suggest you to directly report to the LiveMe app they really help to remove these type of content.


Wakiealternatives to Omegle

Wakie is not really an alternative to Omegle app but because of its most unique feature, I have to add it into this list. This app is actually only one of its kind. It is basically an alarm clock with anonymous chat voices. Sounds crazy right?

I started using this app about 20 days ago when i listened about this app one of my friend. I was just curious about how does this app really works. In the morning i received a call from a woman who was telling me to wake up and not sleep again after i end the call. Tell me how crazy is that. This is the whole function of this app.

Wakie was not really an application it was started as a website and then after its success, they created the mobile application for the users. which is available for both android and ios. So go head-on and download this application ad have fun.

Strangeralternatives to Omegle

As the name suggests it is an application where you can meet strangers all overworld and chat with them.  It is estimated that there are people from almost 200 countries and different languages. You can talk to strangers anytime anywhere instantly.

its a little bit like a dating app merges with the anonymous chatting app this what makes it really good for users. The app has really a cool feature that allows the user to add any stranger into his friend’s list and then you can with him/her anytime.

The stranger app is available for both android and ios and can be downloaded from Google play store or Apple app store in case of iPhones.


So in this article, we learned about some sites similar to Omegle and their small reviews. All the above application have their own specific features and all of them provides best features at their own level. So, that’s it for this article we will come up with more interesting articles with great informative content.


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