11 Best Free Messaging Apps for Android & iPhone (Secure)

Do you spend most of your time messaging your buddy or colleague or someone special? ๐Ÿ˜€

Now in this fast and technically advanced world, there is very little time for people to talk over a call. And if you are one of those millennials who spend most of their time chatting with someone, we at technotrones have compiled a List of Best Messaging Apps for Android & iPhone.


Wechat Messaging App for iPhone & Android

WeChat Messaging App is used by a lot of peoples on both Android & iPhone. It allows you to exchange messages between different accounts. It also provides free calls for you. With WeChat on your phone, you can also do international calls. You can also do video chats. But for using all these features you will need to sign in with your mobile number. And should also have a data connection and wifi.

WeChat is really good in security options. It is known as all-in-one apps. It has become a part of our daily life. The app is by china.

WeChat provides features such as you can book a taxi, split the bill in a restaurant, you can purchase a cinema ticket, invest in financial products, prefer to read the newspaper, follow your favorite brand/persons, can transfer to your friends/contacts, go for online shopping, meet new friends nearby all this feature you can just use in one app which is so amazing. What are you waiting for go and install it and enjoy it?

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YoWhatsApp - Free Messaging App

YoWhatsApp Apk It could be a WhatsApp MOD that implements changes and enhancements to the official application. It will be accustomed to provide WhatsApp with extra functions.

As a MOD of the first app, it is a development supported its ASCII text file, but introducing different modifications. It had provided more amazing features. That will make you fall in love with chatting forever. The process of downloading this app is also so simple. the new feature in this app such as I think this is the best that you can choose whom you want to call and whom not, who can see your connection status, it’s on you to allow people see or not if you are recording audio and typing messages, this is also on you to allow people or not to see that you have checked or read the messages.

It works faster than WhatsApp. And there are no limits to sending files. You can keep a lock on your WhatsApp like fingerprint, pin, and pattern, and an all-new emoji and emoticons. So don’t you think you should download and try itโ€™s cool features which are so interesting now go and enjoy it.


Snapchat is one of the most famous and popular among teenagers. Its features are very unique and different from other apps. The latest feature of Snapchat was stories where you can post both images and videos. The story will disappear once it is viewed in a matter of just 10 seconds, it provides you different types of snaps which are very amazing to see, it makes your photo and video more effective by Appling filters, text, and snaps, it is also so good at chatting and making phone calls.

Snapchat gives teens and kids actually what they won’t like it provides a simple way to capture every moment of the day and makes you look so awesome, as unlike Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp that records and broadcast and everything that you do that Snapchat don’t it uses the messages that are meant to disappear. Actually, in other words, Snapchat is a mixed bag. You must download and try once to use this amazing bag.


WhatsAPP messenger - Android iOS

Whatsapp is one of the popular apps all over the world. it allows you to make your account by your profile image and by your phone number. In the way of chatting it will provide you emoji and stickers which will make you feel so fun and enjoyable.

WhatsApp helps you to connect with your contacts and friends and makes you keep in touch with your family by sending status. The status allows the users to send both videos and images which can only be viewed by your contacts and friends no unknown person can view your status which is good in security options.

With WhatsApp, you can exchange messages without paying for the SMS. the app is available for iPhone, android Nokia, blackberry and windows phone. it doesn’t want any high internet connection it requires the same internet that you use for email and web browsing for this also there is no cost. WhatsApp users can create groups and can have group chatting that also unlimited TRY THE BEST!

WhatsApp is one of the fastest messaging apps that have ever existed with millions of users worldwide. go and try once without wasting money and time and enjoy it.


Instagram Messaging App for Android & iPhone

It is one of the best apps in the present day created in 2010. It works on both platforms mobile applications and desktop sites. It was created by two great persons mike Krieger and Kevin systrom and was launched in the market on 6th October 2010. the features like sharing photo and video help you to create your profile but it depends on you to keep your profile public or private as the public allows all people(friends and unknown) to view while private account allows only those requests are accepted by you. You will always get likes and comments on your photo and videos. It allows you to make your fans on Instagram and makes you a famous person. 


Social media have become a part of our life and played a very important and useful role in the world. it is very useful for learners. It also makes you be in touch with your family. it has made the world more digital. it is very useful especially for businesses to attract customers and make customers ever new day. as it is very useful to use now in the current situation stay home to stay safe!!!

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