Battlerite Tier List- Best Battlerite Champions Ranked

Battlerite tier list- Battlerite, an immensely popular online multiplayer game, has attracted a large following due to its unique characters and complex mechanics. As of 2021, numerous players have fallen in love with this game.

In Battlerite, players unlock a variety of characters and engage in battles with friends or randomly assigned teammates. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds; there are numerous factors that determine the outcome of each battle, making it incredibly engaging.

The game boasts a wide array of champions, each with their unique abilities that add to the excitement. But which champions are truly the best? In this tier list, we’ll explore the top champions in Battlerite, providing insights into the most formidable characters in this thrilling gaming world. Let’s get started.

Battlerite Tier List ( Ranking Details)

Please note that various factors can impact a champion’s ranking in Battlerite. This tier list is based on the current game state and my personal preferences. Keep in mind that your experience may differ, and rankings can change due to the following factors:

1. Balance Changes or Patches:

  • Balance changes in the game can significantly affect a champion’s tier ranking. When the game receives patches or updates, champions may be buffed (improved) or nerfed (weakened). This can lead to shifts in their overall effectiveness and placement within the tier list.

2. Playing Style:

  • This tier list reflects my own playing style and preferences. Different players have unique approaches and strategies, which may result in varying champion preferences. If your playing style differs from mine, you may find that some champions in this list do not align with your personal preferences.

3. Meta Shifts:

  • The prevailing game meta can influence a champion’s performance and tier placement. Certain champions may excel in specific metas due to their abilities and synergy with other champions. Be aware that the meta can evolve over time, impacting champion rankings.

4. Skill and Experience:

  • A player’s skill and experience level play a critical role in a champion’s effectiveness. Some champions may require more skill and practice to maximize their potential. This tier list considers the champion’s power in the hands of an experienced player.

5. Team Composition:

  • Champion synergy within a team is crucial. While a champion may perform well individually, their effectiveness can vary depending on the overall team composition. Some champions are more versatile and can fit into various team compositions, while others have specific roles.

6. Map and Game Mode:

  • Certain champions may perform better on specific maps or in particular game modes. Some maps may offer strategic advantages to champions with certain abilities, impacting their tier ranking.

7. Personal Preferences:

  • Ultimately, individual preferences, playstyle, and comfort with a champion can influence your success in the game. It’s essential to choose a champion that aligns with your strengths and gameplay style.

In summary, this tier list is a snapshot of the current state of Battlerite. However, the dynamic nature of the game means that rankings are subject to change based on balance updates, player preferences, and evolving strategies. Be open to experimenting with various champions to find the best fit for your playstyle and the current meta.

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Battlerite Tier List

So, now let’s talk about my favorite champions in Battlerite. The tier list will start from the topmost S-Tier and then we will slowly move towards the lower tier ultimately towards the F-Tier.

Battlerite best champions

S-Tier – The Elite Champions

In the S-Tier of the Battlerite tier list, you’ll find the cream of the crop, the champions who dominate the game with their exceptional skills and abilities. These champions are a force to be reckoned with, but mastering them takes skill and experience. New players may find it challenging to harness their full potential. Here are the S-Tier champions:

Blossom: Blossom’s support abilities, healing, and crowd control make her a vital asset to any team.

Thorn: Thorn boasts incredible crowd control, damage, and tackiness, making him a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Sirius: Sirius’s versatile kit allows for both healing and damage, making him a well-rounded choice for skilled players.

Freya: Freya excels at dealing damage and controlling the battlefield with her agility and crowd control abilities.

Ashka: Ashka’s fiery arsenal and high damage output make him a fierce competitor in the S-Tier.

A-Tier – Strong Contenders

The A-Tier features champions who may not quite reach the top echelon but are formidable in their own right. These champions can outmaneuver and outplay S-Tier champions in the hands of a skilled player. Here are the A-Tier champions:

Jamila: Jamila’s agility and burst damage capabilities can take on even the toughest opponents.

Varesh: Varesh’s crowd control and damage potential make him a strategic choice for those who master his abilities.

Oldur: Oldur’s healing and time-bending abilities provide support and utility to the team.

Lucie: Lucie is a versatile support champion with a variety of crowd control and healing abilities.

Pestilus: Pestilus excels at spreading chaos with his crowd control and damage-over-time abilities.

Alysia: Alysia’s control and damage output make her a strong pick in this tier.

Shen Rao: Shen Rao’s ranged abilities and mobility can be a formidable combination in the right hands.

B-Tier – Solid Choices

In the B-Tier, we find champions with average utility and power levels. Their basic mechanics and moderate performance may not make them top picks in high-level play, but they offer a fun and engaging experience for players with varying playstyles. Here are the B-Tier champions:

Ezmo: Ezmo’s agility and versatile spellcasting can be enjoyable for those who like a dynamic playstyle.

Pearl: Pearl’s supportive abilities and crowd control make her a solid pick for those who enjoy playing the role of a healer.

Croak: Croak’s agility and sneak attacks can catch opponents off guard, making him a fun choice for assassins.

Taya: Taya’s agility and ranged attacks offer a unique playstyle for those who enjoy hit-and-run tactics.

Shifu: Shifu’s melee capabilities and control abilities can be rewarding when played skillfully.

Ulric: Ulric’s healing and protection make him a dependable choice for supporting the team.

C-Tier – The Basics

Moving down to the C-Tier, we encounter champions who are relatively easy to play and understand. They are primarily designed for new players to grasp the game’s mechanics. However, their limited versatility and effectiveness may discourage seasoned players from using them. Here are the C-Tier champions:

Ruh-Khan: Ruh-Khan is a straightforward melee champion with basic abilities suitable for newcomers.

Eva: Eva’s abilities are easy to grasp, making her a great starting point for new players.

Destiny: Destiny’s straightforward ranged attacks and mobility can help beginners learn the ropes.

Poloma: Poloma’s support abilities are beginner-friendly and can aid in understanding the role of a healer in the game.

Jade: Jade’s simple mechanics and ranged attacks can serve as a starting point for new players.

Zander: Zander’s quirky abilities may appeal to those looking for a unique champion to begin with.

F-Tier – The Least Preferred

In the F-Tier, we have champions with limited mechanics and situational usefulness. These champions are often overlooked by many players, including seasoned ones, due to their low versatility and effectiveness in the current meta. Here are the F-Tier champions:

Bakko: Bakko’s straightforward abilities and lack of complexity place him in the F-Tier.

Pearl: Pearl, while a supportive champion, lacks the impact and versatility of higher-tier support champions.

Rok: Rok’s situational effectiveness and limited kit relegate him to the F-Tier.

Raigon: Raigon’s basic mechanics and limited utility place him in the least preferred tier.

Jumong: Jumong’s simple mechanics and situational strengths keep him in the F-Tier.

Bonus Tiers – For Beginners and Pros

For those seeking additional tiers beyond the basic S-F ranking, we have two bonus tiers: one for beginners and one for pro players.

Best Champions for Beginners (Newbies):

These champions are recommended for new players to master first, as they offer a relatively straightforward learning curve, helping beginners build a strong foundation:

Ashka: Ashka’s fiery spells are intuitive and can help beginners get acquainted with the game.

Blossom: Blossom’s healing and crowd control abilities are accessible and supportive for newcomers.

Destiny: Destiny’s straightforward ranged attacks and mobility can ease the learning process.

Best Champions for Pro Players:

This tier features champions favored by experienced players, including those competing at a high level in the competitive meta:

Jamila: Jamila’s agility and burst damage capabilities make her a potent choice for skilled players.

Varesh: Varesh’s crowd control and damage potential require precision and mastery to excel.

Croak: Croak’s agility and sneak attacks can outplay opponents when skillfully utilized.


So, that wraps up our discussion of the top Champions in Battlerite’s tier list. If you found value in this tier list, we’d appreciate it if you shared it on other platforms to help others. However, if you disagree with the placements or didn’t see your favorite champion in the tier you expected, we apologize for any disappointment.

Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable to us. If you have differing opinions, want to share your own tier list, or simply want to discuss your favorite champions, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

Thank you for your support, and remember, tier lists are dynamic and can change over time, so stay tuned for updates and shifts in champion rankings. Happy battling!

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